March 2nd
DC and Homestuck fan
It become cooler here and I finally feel Christmas is coming 
It may early to say but
Merry Christmas bro, hope you have peaceful and happy Xmas 

It become cooler here and I finally feel Christmas is coming 

It may early to say but

Merry Christmas bro, hope you have peaceful and happy Xmas 

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Happy birthday, precious bbs ;///;

Happy birthday, precious bbs ;///;

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So it’s called “the private time of adult”

=))) I wanna see too but my anatomy is suck. And sorry for mess sketch, I did line it and failed 3 time ;-D

(Here is sketch no colour ver of this pic, I still like it most)

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In this post I want to apologize for a terrible thing that I have done. I admit that I did copy ket’s style and colours in all my comics. I know that just because I love her style it cannot be a reason to copy her style and colours. I am so terrible to have done it 4 times and so stupid to not have realized it was totally wrong sooner. I’m very sorry for that and all the trouble I have caused you bro. I promise i won’t make this mistake again. I apologize. And if you don’t mind I want to take down all my comics. It’s not that I’m trying to erase my fault, but keeping them is disrespectful of ket and your support. So I’m so sorry for this inconvenience.

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Anonymous asked: aaaaaah i cant handle the adorable lil demon dirk any more than i can handle the hot one i just wanna cuddle him omg

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xdavidstrudel-deactivated201311 asked: I think your art is really adorable. <33

Thank you ; //////// ;

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Anonymous asked: /SWOONS/ your art is amazing! I'm so jealous!

Oh no no, don’t jealous bro, I’m not worth to be jealous of. Let’s love and hug instead =)))))))))


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Anonymous asked: Aaah my gosh your art is just gorgeous!!! The Homestuck and the DC and just asdfghhhh I love it so much. TuT but is it okay if I ask to what pairings in Homestuck you aren't very fond of drawing? Like you really don't ship the pairing or you're just neutral towards it? aah I'm sorry, I'm just curious!


um, the ship that I have neutral feeling may be Jake/Jane, I guess. I think their relationship is more likely be between sempai/friend/advisor who suffers from hearing and solving love trouble of her friend, than a couple

Sorry for late reply ;7;

thermochromatic asked: Your art is amazing. Love the expressions, especially on your latest Striders.

I am still trying to improve my suck drawing of expression, so oh my god bro vwvhuwgvbuwgwueg I’M VERY HAPPY TO HEAR THAT!!!! It’s like motivation. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! I will try harder for you

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sassparillaqueen asked: oh gosh your art is magnificent! ^v^


I will try harder ; v ;

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My favourite Stridercest

My favourite Stridercest

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h2odickens99 asked: Ohmygosh I'm in love with demonstuck its amazing... Just like you:3

Thank you!!!!! 

=)))))))))) welcome to crime…I mean demonstuck =)))) I really love this AU too !!! oh~~ you raise me too much, i’m not amazing as (hot) demonstuck AU, the criminal… I mean chofi is amazing person

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[Dave,Dirk] =&gt; Exchange clothes
Doodle time!!!

[Dave,Dirk] => Exchange clothes

Doodle time!!!

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Blind justice

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princestyle asked: I am literally SWOONING your demon Striders are too hot to handle. I can't take it oh god.

Oh oh oh ~~~ I feel good to hear that

So how about cute demon strider, i’m sure you can handle it now

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